:: The Charm of Handsewn

Our products can be categorized into 2 groups -- handsewn and machine-sewn items.

Handsewn items are sewn by hands, with a traditional French method called ‘saddle stitch’, whereby the leather is punched and stitched, hole by hole by hands.  This technique was employed by European craftsmen in making horse saddles, therefore, it is a well-known method to produce durable and neat stitches.  The handsewing requires a lot of time, depending on the size of the piece and is still being employed by high-end leather brands.  For items in this category, we use 100% linen thread from France, which is very strong and comes in various colors.

:: Edge finishing

A proper finishing of the leather edge is a sign of a well-made item.  “Finishing” an edge involves 1) sanding/buffing of the rough edge of an item so that the edge becomes smoother and is shaped nicely.  2) A suitable solution is then applied to prevent it from fraying and keep the fiber in tact.  3) Next, the edge is polished to produce a shine.  4) And finally, a crease line around the edge is marked to properly keep the edge in place and add elegance to the piece.